Harvest Leader Manual

  Harvest: finishing

Toward the end of the harvest, enlist harvest assistants to help with clean-up activities. Scan the property and ask all volunteers to finish harvesting and make their way to the check-out area. Invite them to write a thank-you note to the property owner on their way out, if available. There are occasions when a harvest leader may extend the length of a harvest if there is more to pick and the capability to transport it. Experience has shown that many pickers will have left at the planned time and the amount of extra produce gathered may be marginal. The harvest leader can make this decision, though. 

Assist with the dividing of produce and loading of boxes onto pallets or into the truck, the collection of signs, loading of ladders and the packing of the harvest tote.

The sheet headed 'Donated through Merced County Gleaning' goes to the Marion Polk Food Share (or other agency that received the food). It is their record that the food came through Merced County Gleaning and gives them the correct spelling and address of the crop owner. At large harvests this usually means giving the sheet to the truck driver to be filled out with the weight at the food share.

The rosters and any Temporary Volunteer Registration and Release from Liability forms go to the database manager for entry into the database. This can be in person, by mail, or scanned and sent by email.

Completion of paperwork is tracked on [http://www.salemharvest.org/harvestlist-master-paper.php] this page . You can refer to it to verify that your paperwork has been received and logged.

The most common error on rosters is that leaders and assistants are not checked off. If the person entering attendance in the computer was not at the harvest, this could mean many people being incorrectly marked as "absent." When filling out the paperwork after a harvest, leaders should make a habit of looking at each line of the roster and correcting such errors.

When everyone has left and the harvest leader is the last to leave, let the property owner know that you are done and ready to leave. Thank the property owner for their generous donation. Owners are sent a donation receipt by mail within a few weeks of the harvest or at the end of the season for ongoing donors.

Return the supplies to the truck they arrived in and let the harvest director know if any supplies are running low.

Email the harvest director with any questions or concerns and if there were any outstanding harvest assistants.

When a backyard harvest has been completed and the weight has been entered in the database, a new link appears on the [http://www.salemharvest.org/Utilities/seasonplanner.php] Season Planner details section about the harvest. This link goes to a pre-formatted email that is sent to the crop owner. It includes the weight and also invites the owner to fill out a brief online survey. It can also be edited by the harvest leader before being sent. Harvest leaders receive the response directly. Harvest Leaders should check the Season Planner to see when the link is there and then send the email. The link is no longer visible after an email has been sent once.

The harvest leader:
Can extend the length of a harvest if there are good reasons to.
Often leaves to do paperwork as long as assistants are assigned to finish up.
Can allow pickers to remain at the site after Salem Harvest staff have left if they are known to be responsible and want to pick more for their families.
The Post Harvest Summary:
Is stored in a file for future reference.
Has information that may be useful to future harvest leaders at that site.
Has information that can be entered only by the Harvest Director or Database Manager.
Paperwork to deliver to the Database Manager includes:
Thank you notes and rosters.
Rosters and harvest planning forms.
Rosters and Temporary Volunteer Registration and Release from Liability forms.
The Season Planner link that sends an email to the crop owner:
Disappears after the email has been sent.
Requires the owner to complete a survey in order to get the donation receipt.
Can be used only be the Harvest Director.
The 'Donated through Salem Harvest' page in the harvest paperwork packet:
Goes with the roster to the database manager.
Is filled out at the harvest with your estimate of the weight.
Is given to the Marion Polk Food Share receiving clerk or left on the receiving desk if it is after-hours.