Harvest Leader Manual

  Database: Reports Generator

The Reports Generator page is linked from the Pages Index. It is a specialized, rather technical page that draws information directly from the database tables then sorts, filters and combines it to produce lists and statistics. See the Page Help there for a complete description.

There is a library of pre-written report requests. Clicking on any of these loads that report request, then clicking on 'Show this report' produces the list or table.

There is one report that is especially useful for harvest planning. It shows the history of how many pounds-per-picker were obtained for particular crops. This can be used to estimate how much a harvest will produce. That report is Donated pounds per picker and attendance for a particular Farm or BY crop type and is in the Harvest Stats section of the Reports Library. Simply select the type of crop and Backyard or Farm from the dropdown menus and click on 'Show this report.'

You will see a table of all such harvests with a column for pounds-per-picker ordered from the most to the least.

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