Harvest Leader Manual

  Planning scenarios 1

You scout a backyard apple tree that we have harvested in previous years and has produced 200, 300 and 400 pounds of apples total. The owner says that there seems to be about the same amount as before.

What containers do you need for the donated amount?
Four banana boxes are sufficient since apples pack about 50 pounds per box and you will have at most 200 pounds to donate.
A laundry basket will hold enough apples for this harvest and will save you from carrying multiple containers.
Apples are usually sturdy enough that you can put them in plastic trash bags. Keep to 20 pounds or less in each bag. You can also use banana boxes from MPFS. Apples pack about 40 pounds to a box, so you should get 6 boxes to be sure you have enough. If you will donate more than half, then adjust accordingly.
How many pickers would it take to pick the apples?
Question 2 explanation:
Pickers pick about 180 pounds of apples per person (that's found on the Database: formulas section).
If they donate half that makes 90 pounds donated each.
400 pounds total divided by 2 = 200 pounds donated.
200 pounds donated divided by 90 = 2+ pickers.
Actually, for this type of harvest either 2 or 3 is probably reasonable.

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