Harvest Leader Manual

  Planning scenarios 2

You scout a backyard plum tree that we have harvested in previous years and has produced 75, 100 and 150 pounds of plums total. The owner says that there seems to be about the same amount as before.

What containers do you need for the donated amount?
Plastic bags will be easiest since they weigh little and do not take up space.
Clamshells hold about 2.5 pounds each so 60 clamshells will work.
3 banana boxes.
Question 1 explanation:
Plums often (but not always) are too soft for to be transported in bags.
Almost all plums are too big for clamshells.
You will probably pick no more than 150 pounds and donate 75 pounds. Plums weigh about the same in boxes as apples do, although if is often a good idea not to fill the boxes so deep. If you put 30 pounds in each box, 3 boxes should do it. If you will donate more than half, then adjust accordingly.

How many pickers would it take to pick the plums?

Question 2 explanation:
Pounds per picker for plums can vary a great deal depending on the crop and the picker(s). One picker picker nearly 600 pounds at a backyard harvest but the picker was experienced and the fruit was dense and easily reached. At large harvests the average seems to be about 45 pounds donated per picker when there is ample fruit. (Check at: Reports Generator.
150 pounds donated divided by 90 total pounds per picker = about 2 pickers. 1 might be plenty, but 3 is probably too many.

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