Harvest Leader Manual

  Planning scenarios 3

The harvest director asks you to help scout a plum orchard that was also picked last year.

What do you do first?
Pace off the distance between the rows and count the number of trees.
Cut open an apple to see if it has worms.
Look at the Crop Details and previous harvest info in the database.
Question 1 explanation:
It's always best to find out as much as you can before going to scout a site. Leaders of previous harvests of this crop left information for you in database because they believed that it would be helpful to you.
You are unlikely to find an apple in the plum orchard (unless you brought it as a snack in which case checking it for worms is a good idea).

The orchard has 4 rows of 20 small trees and you pick a portion of one and estimate that each tree has 50 pounds of fruit. Pickers donated 75 pounds per person last year. How many pickers do you need?

Question 2 explanation:
There are 4 times 20 equals 80 trees.
75 pounds donated per picker equals 150 pounds total per picker.
80 trees times 50 pounds per tree equals 4000 pounds of plums total.
4000 pounds divided by 150 pounds total per picker equals 27 pickers.

What containers do you need?

3 stacks of banana boxes
2 stacks of banana boxes
4 stacks of banana boxes
Question 3 explanation:
4000 pounds total equals 2000 pounds donated.
Banana boxes are best for plums and if you plan for 30 to 35 pounds per box so they are not filled too deep, you will need 57 to 66 boxes. You should get 2 stacks of boxes (36 to a stack).

What else do you need?

Pallet jack
Pallet jack plus one extra empty pallet
Pallet jack plus two extra empty pallets
Question 4 explanation:
Since you want to stack the filled boxes of plums only five rows high, there will be 30 boxes on each pallet. 66 boxes divided by 30 to a pallet = 2.2 pallets (rounded up to 3). Since you are getting only 2 stacks of boxes you need an extra empty wooden pallet for the filled boxes of plums. It would be best, since there is room on truck, to also get another empty wooden pallet to put any unused boxes on. If you expect pickers to donate more than half, then adjust accordingly.

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