Harvest Leader Manual

  Advanced problems 1

This is the first of several advanced harvest planning scenarios that combine much of the information found in the scouting and harvest sections of this manual. The online manual's format is not ideal for these but they can give leaders good practice at planning, especially the kinds of calculations that can be necessary. Some scenarios or questions will run over into the next section. You may need to refer to the Database:formulas section or the Reports Generator page to find some of the numbers that you need.

Harvest Planning Scenario - apples A small apple orchard site shown in the aerial photo has been registered. The apple trees have fruit evenly distributed from 5 feet up to about 15 feet. 12 of the trees are producing. Compared to other apple trees, these are of average size and average production and you think you will get about 200 pounds per tree.

Follow the questions below and in the next section about this harvest planning scenario.

How many pounds are available to harvest?
1800 lbs
2400 lbs
3000 lbs
Question 1 explanation:
200 x 12 trees = 2400 pounds

How many pickers would it take to pick the apples?

Question 2 explanation:
Pickers pick about 180 pounds of apples per person (that's found on the Database: formulas section).
If they donate half that makes 90 pounds donated each.
2400 divided by 2 = 1200 pounds donated
1200 divided by 90 = 13 pickers

How many cars can be parked and how many pickers will they bring?

9 cars and 14 people
15 cars and 24 people
9 cars and 19 people
Question 3 explanation:
From the aerial view there is parking for about 9 cars.
9 cars times 1.6 people per car = 14 people

What is needed to pack and transport the apples to MPFS?

40 boxes and two Subaru Foresters
20 boxes and a small MPFS truck
30 boxes and a pickup truck with a restraining net
Question 4 explanation:
1200 pounds is 30 banana boxes of apples. These could be transported in a small MPFS truck or one pickup truck or three Subaru Foresters.

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