Harvest Leader Manual

  Property Assignment

For farm crops, the harvest director arranges for the site to be scouted and then contacts harvest leaders to determine who will lead the harvest. There may be more than one harvest leader for any given property.

Assignment of harvest leaders for farm crops depends on availability and experience of harvest leaders. Attempts are made to match leaders to suitable harvests and to distribute opportunities to all harvest leaders who are interested in leading this type of harvest.

For backyard crops, leaders can sign-up to lead harvests through the website. The database allows for designating a harvest leader and a co-leader. Sometimes, the co-leader is someone who is in training ('Green') but not yet certified ('Ripe'). Other times both leaders are Ripe. In either case it is essential that the two leaders communicate and coordinate the preparations for and execution of all responsibilities of the harvest. They may divide tasks but are jointly responsible for overseeing the harvest.

A harvest leader participating in scouting the crop:
Is preferred.
Is required.
Almost never happens.
Harvest leaders:
May choose which farm harvests they lead.
Let the harvest director know their preferences.
Always lead harvests of crops where they have led the harvest previously.
Harvest Co-leaders:
Can be brought up to date about preparations at the harvest itself.
Are assigned to oversee one area of the harvest such as donations.
Are involved in all phases and jointly responsible for overseeing the harvest.