Harvest Leader Manual

 Backyard harvest signup

For backyard crops requiring eight or fewer pickers, the database manager enters an unscheduled harvest into the planner and posts it to the [http://www.salemharvest.org/Leaders/leader-signup.php] Harvest Leaders page where Ripe leaders can sign up to lead or co-lead the harvest and Green leaders can sign up to co-lead. The two then coordinate their schedules to arrange and conduct the harvest. Green co-leaders follow the lead of the Ripe leader as part of training. Access to this page requires a username and password that are assigned to trainee (Green) and certified (Ripe) harvest leaders. All harvests should have a Ripe harvest leader.

This page is the central resource for harvest leaders. It lists backyard harvests for harvest leaders and co-leaders to sign up to lead. Farm harvests are not on this list and are assigned by the Harvest Director. You should bookmark this page and refer to it often for the latest information about upcoming harvests that you can sign up for. It also has links to other information and resources for planning harvests, including this manual.

Crops are placed on this list at the beginning of the season from the registered crops list. Some have been picked before and some have not. In most cases, the harvest leader who signs up for the crop is making the first contact with the crop owner that year. The first question for you to ask the owner is whether the crop is available that year and if the owner wants the crop harvested. This is followed by making arrangements for scouting and/or harvesting. Scouting is important because backyard crops can vary between years and so some crops on the list may not be suitable for harvesting.

After leaders have signed up to lead a harvest on this page, the harvest may be removed from this list so that the ones still needing leaders can be seen easily without having to scroll through a long list of harvests that already have leaders. The harvests you sign up to lead can still be found on the Harvests page, the Season Planner list view, and the 'My upcoming harvests' link on the Leaders signup page. If a harvest on the Leader Sign-up page is going to be dropped or not harvested, the Database Manager will contact the leaders for that harvest if they exist.

To see more details about a crop, click on the link in the Crop & owner column. To volunteer to be the harvest leader, simply type your first and last names in the Leader column and click on 'Sign up to lead.' You will receive an email with all the details about the crop and the harvest. The date that is shown may be an actual scheduled date that has already been arranged OR an estimate based on previous harvests OR the estimated ripe date. Crop readiness can vary by several weeks from year-to-year and this should be kept in mind when signing up to lead. It is far better to contact the owner a little early than too late. More details about the page and how to use it can be seen in the Database: harvest leader signup section below.

Harvests listed on the Harvest Leaders page:
All are crops that have all been picked in previous years.
Have all been scouted.
Are available for harvest leaders to sign up to lead.
Harvests listed on the Harvest Leaders page:
Are all backyard harvests.
Are mostly backyard harvests.
Require fewer than five pickers.
Crops listed on the Harvest Leaders page:
Have owners who have already been contacted this year.
Are only fruit trees.
May have never been picked before by Salem Harvest.