Who are we at Merced Gleaning? We are “gleaning” – that is, picking up stuff left behind by others – in areas of interest that, while perhaps not mainstream for the mass media, will be “just right” for our particular group of readers.

Let’s say, for example, that people read about the stock market every day. But, all they seem to hear about is “the market is up,” or perhaps, “the market is plunging!” If it isn’t “good” news, it’s gotta be “bad.” Well, what if I were to tell you that you can learn how to trade in the market and potentially make money whether or not the market is strong in general?

Many people don’t know that! One thing I remember learning at a financial seminar was about something called “options.” Wow! What an eye opener! It was only a rudimentary introduction, but I remember learning that if a stock was heading “down,” one could buy something called a “Put” and possibly profit on that downward trajectory.

Conversely, if a stock was trending “upward,” one might be able to invest in a potentially profitable “Call” and earn on an upward moving stock.

Of course, that’s a VERY rudimentary explanation – and you would be well advised to take some classes in options trading before getting too excited about that. I only mention it because as I said, it’s something not everyone would have heard of. So, we will try to bring you articles about some lesser discussed topics! Back with content shortly.